If I publish game with unity pro and I can't pay another $75 to keep pro license will the game still work?

If I get unity pro for $75 per month and I don’t have to pay for one month what will happen to the game I already published? Stay the same? Not work? Get unity loading screen back?

Once the game is published, the game will still work if your license expires or not. It would not make sense if your game is out for 20years for you to still have to pay for the program every month. However, I would go over the license agreement to make sure you are doing everything legal. For instance, you can’t use the free trail of Unity Pro, then publish the game and make a bunch of money on it.

Check the license agreement, Powerful 2D, 3D, VR, and AR software for cross-platform development of games and mobile apps.

but to answer your question, yes the game will still “work”.