If I set PlayerSettings "Target IOS Version" to 4.3 will this exclude iPhones3G and 3GS?

My game plays well on iPhones 4 and 4s, but does work well on iPhones 3g and 3GS. I want the game to be available to only those who have the iPhone4 or 4s.

Can I fix this problem by just changing the settings in the Player settings under “Target IOS Version” to 4.3? Will this do the trick? I just want to get it right before I submit my game to the AppStore. Thanx

You can’t do device specific exclusion. “Target iOS Version” stands for the iOS version, which is the operating system of all apple mobile devices. You should set it to the lowest available so that you serve your game to a wider audience.

You can either write that the game runs only well on 4.gen devices and up in the product description in the AppStore or optimize it so it also supports 3GS.