If I use #pragma multi_compile in UNITY Editor with assetbundle, Multi_compile isn't working

Hello. I am using #pragma multi_compile to set multi-compile. It works right in UNITY Editor if I don’t use assetbundles. and It works right too in android platform. but It doesn’t work right in UNITY Editor if I use assetbundles.

Does anyone had similar problem? Thank you for reading :slight_smile:

I set android platform.to default set.

Scripts and Shaders can be included in asset bundles, however they will only be text and not executable code. Please read here for more information.

Your shader will not be compiled or usable by the program unless it is included in the executable.

Thank you for your replying.

I can excute my shader in all environements. so I think that shader was compiled when it was included in asset bundles.
but I think #pragma multi_compile isn’t only working right when I execute shader in Unity Editor using assetbundles.

I am waiting much replys :slight_smile: Thank you~~