If new vector3 is within old vector3 by a position of 0,5x & 0,5z

I have this code that allows swiping the camera around on a mobile phone

Now I have a button on the screen which can only be selected if the camera is not moving, set up like this:

	private Vector3 checkCamPos = Vector3.zero;
	public Vector3 newCamPos = Vector3.zero;

void OnMouseDown()
		checkCamPos = Camera.main.gameObject.transform.position;

	void OnMouseUp()
		newCamPos = Camera.main.gameObject.transform.position;

		if (checkCamPos == newCamPos && BuildMenuPopUp.gameObject.activeInHierarchy == false) 
			BuildMenuPopUp.gameObject.SetActive (true);
			GameObject.Find("Main Camera").GetComponent<ScoresAndVariables>().ActiveMenu = true;

It works well, except for the fact that with the swiping script, a little press on the screen makes the camera move 0,03x or 0,03z for instance

Hence when that happens, the button doesn’t work anymore.

Is there any way I can check something like

if (vector3 checkCamPos 'is within 0,03x AND 0,03z' of newCamPos)

if (Mathf.Abs(checkCamPos.x - newCamPos.x) <= 0.03f && Mathf.Abs(checkCamPos.z - newCamPos.z) <= 0.03f) {
// code

Hope this helps!