if statement being completely ignored c#

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class Clickvalve : MonoBehaviour

    // From the inspector, add the player GameObject on this script's field
    public Transform Player;
    // Exact same thing as player
    public Transform Box;
    // Set the desired interaction distance value
    public float InteractionDistance = 10;
    // Setting up the "playing" variable
    bool playing;
    // Setting up a public variable to be referenced by another script later
    public static int Valvepressure = 10;
    //following section updates every single frame
    void Update()
        //if the animation is playing...
        if (GetComponent<Animation>().IsPlaying("Valve_turnright"))
        { //...then set "playing" to true
            playing = true;
        else //otherwise...
        { //...set it to false.
            playing = false;

    //now, when I press the mouse button...
    void OnMouseDown()
    { //Playerdist is defined as the distance between player and box
        float Playerdist = Vector3.Distance(Box.position, Player.position);
        //then if the player distance is less than the interaction distance and the animation isnt playing...
        if (Playerdist < InteractionDistance & !playing);
        {// it should do all this. and it does...but for some reason, it skips the if statement. 
            if (Valvepressure > -6)
                Valvepressure = Valvepressure - 1;

            Debug.Log("Valve pressure is now" + Valvepressure + "!");

You have a semicolon in line 37, right after the if-condition. Thus, the C# compiler thinks your if-statement has an empty body and moves on to the next line.

Just delete the semicolon and it should run just fine.