If we use the standard particles in some asset project, but change the effects of it a bit, and we need to sell it but does that count as piracy or copyright?

Hi, we have made a model and animation asset for unity, all made by us with the intention of selling it on asset store. But we are using standard particle asset for flame, but we have changed it a bit. So will it be rejected by the store as being copyrighted? or is it legal as we have changed it a bit and neither we are personally selling only the particle asset, we have just used it in our project asset. Please answer thank you.

I’m pretty sure that all tools and content that ships with Unity is available to use royalty and copyright free so long as you use it for making games within Unity. Unreal engine did the same thing when they released all their Paragon assets: You could only use them within Unreal. Besides if it’s standard content, when the user goes to import your package, Unity will skip all the unmodified standard assets.