If you help me, i make you 3d object

I will a touch button on Android. Load a new level:
1.: If I touch the button, load a new level.
2.: If I Touch a area on the screen, load a new level.
3.: If I touch a 3d object, (on the main camera)load a new level. I have Unity 3.4.
I’m yet just beginner 3dmodeller, but if you make me a useful tutor video(for beginner), for (1.) and (2.) question then I make you a 3d Modell, what you will and I can. But if you help me with tutor video for(1.,2.,3.)question, then I make you two 3d Modell.

I have modell reference on youtube: Fps Creator - Town indoor and Outdoor model pack, entity - YouTube
sorry for my english

I made this question and I get a negative karma…I dont understand this.