Ignore Physics Material For Certain Collision


I have 2 certain objects that collide with each other. One of them has a bounce property to its Physic Material, but I do not want these two objects to bounce off of each other.

Is there a function similar to Physics.IgnoreCollision that can ignore the bounce property for the collision?


@TzahiGames @Matberseris
This example uses a Trigger but the same should work in any collision event.
But if Iā€™m understanding the question, and there may be other ways to solve it but


float defaultBounceValue;

public GameObject otherCertainObject;

void Start()
    defaultBounceValue = GetComponent<Collider>().material.bounciness;
    defaultBounceValue = otherCertainObject.GetComponent<Collider>().material.bounciness;
void OnTriggerStay(Collider col)
    //Depending on how you have it set up
    if (col.gameObject.name == "Certain Object" || col.gameObject.tag == "Certain Object")
        col.GetComponent<Collider>().material.bounciness = 0f; 
        gameObject.GetComponent<Collider>().material.bounciness = 0f;

void OnTriggerExit(Collider col)
    GetComponent<Collider>().material.bounciness = defaultBounceValue;
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Maybe not the most elegant solution, but what I did in my game, which is a single screen 2d rocket league mini game, I doubled the walls and put bounce on one and put it on a layer only the ball can collide with using the Physics 2D Layer Collision Matrix. I put smoothing on the second wall and disable collision with the ball layer on that wall. Works really well in my situation, but probably not the best for larger games.