Ignoring collision of 2 instances of the same prefab?

I am working on a racing game as a Sound Designer and Sound Programmer. This is my first title an I need some help.

All the cars on the track are instances of car prefabs. I have used simple collision detection on those prefabs to trigger crash sounds if you run into another car. The problem is, both clones trigger a sound. This produces phasing and all in all an undesirable effect.

Has anyone run into this problem? Is there a way to get only the “impactor” and not the “impactee” to trigger the sound in this scenario?



It’s up to you to define what conditions define the “impactor” and the “impactee”. A simple example would be to play the sound for the instance with the greater velocity of the two. Alternatively You could define something like a manager class to handle collisions (in the vehicle sense) which plays the sounds itself. Pass both car instances and ignore duplicates over a given time interval. A manager class could handle other data associated with collisions as well if you wanted to handle damage/statistics etc.