Ignoring Library/metadata with Unity4/Github/Win8x64

I have been trying to resolve my problem with .gitignore file.
I’m using git as my repository with Unity 4. I have done every possible combination trying to ignore Library/ files and folders but didn’t work.

I have been trying to solve this for 4 months now and I have visited every other question related to this but no luck. Here’s a screenshot to show you what I mean:

alt text

Full resolution sceenshot link

As you can see from the screenshot, I have done every possible combination I can think of to get rid of the stupid folder but no luck T_T.

My Unity (4.0.0.f7) is closed when I’m trying to commit/push. I’m using the Github windows application ( I’m only having trouble with the Library folder/files and .sln,.csproj files. All the other ignores work fine.

This is causing us to wait about 15-20 minutes every time we open unity after pushing something to the master because we don’t commit those files. However, if we commit these files, then Unity starts much faster.

Please help!


Have you commited these files before or do you always remove them from the commit? If you have commited them before you need to remove them from the repo by doing:

git rm --cached

gitignore after commit

.gitignore file not ignoring

Alternatively, you could just not use “git add .” and add only the folders/files you want to commit manually each commit by doing “git add path/to/file” for each file or folder you want to add.

I hope this helps