Ignoring Triggers between different Layers

Im working on a Project where i need to run a game multiple times in the same Scene.
Every game is on a different Layer (Game1 = 8, Game2 = 9) and they must not influence each other.

Physics2D.IgnoreLayerCollision(8, 9, true);

Works fine for Objects of different Layers passing through each other as expected.

The Problem is:

void OnTriggerEnter2D(Collider2D other)

is still called between objects in different Layers.

Is it possible to disable all Trigger events for objects in different Layers?

Well I tried the same and the problem is not occurring to me. try to debug layers of these two objects.

I found a Configuration that is working:

For each Layer:

Passive Object: Collider2D and no rigidbody2D

Trigger Object: Collider2D with Trigger enabled, rigidbody2D NOT Kinematic