IHow can I switch between splines using the spline controller?

I just started working with the Spline Controller package in Unity and find it to be really useful. But I was wondering how I could get started trying to have the player switch between splines, like lane switching.

Bump. I’m quite interested in this as well.

Bump, I tried setting the SplineController’s currentSpline, but it didnt do what i expected…

	if( splineController ) {
		Object[] splines = Spline.FindObjectsOfType( typeof(Spline) );
		string splineName = splineController.currentSpline.name;
		splineName = splineName.Replace( "Spline Patrol", "Spline Flee" );
		bool swapped = false;
		foreach( Spline _s in splines ){
			if( _s.name == splineName ) {
				splineController.currentSpline = _s;
				swapped = true;

I’ll keep trying I guess…