IK Animation fine in preview, weird in game

I have an IK animation of a character with the arm swinging a sword. It looks great in Preview, but when I use it in game the arm bends very strangely (not matching my animation). Any clues on what I’m doing wrong?

It is hard to tell what is going wrong without more information. What is the Rig setup? How is the animation setup? What is keyframed in the clip?

It is just an IK limb setup from Brackey's tutorial (

). I just sped my animation up and now it moves strangely. I think because the animation is so fast the arm goes directly to where the end of the target is perhaps and so doesn't move correctly per the animation frames I setup? Not sure how to fix that.

Videos of it happening below. You can see the arm moves completely differently in game.

In Game: 2t7yph
In Animator (note sword does not move bc that is done via code): 2nyx4o

Any ideas? Thanks for the help

Just to clarify are you using Animation Rigging or the 2D IK package?

This is the 2D IK package