IL2CPP from mono makes build size 15x larger

So I’ve been reading on IL2CPP because it is now seemingly required by apple for the 64 bit support. I know it’s supposed to increase build size but when I was buiding in mono my IPA file is 12 mb if I only switch mono to Il2CPP my build size is 192mb, so what gives? All I can read seems to say to account for a double which would be fine but even then my game is really small hardly any images, only a couple of sounds.

The only thing I could see is if generics have a very large impact on file sizes, but I have a hard time accounting generics to such a large increase. I do use generics a lot for my game but can anyone say if that would indeed be the case?

If I upload the game to itunes connect it shows the universal build to be 107mb of a download and most of the others being around 60mb. I don’t understand how my game which runs on 12mb download size on mono balloons up so much with just switching to IL2CPP.

Are there any other reasons this could be happening? I’m on Unity 5.4.1f1.

Do you happen to be uploading the debug symbols as well? That is the only thing I can think of that would lead to such a large increase in code size.

In general, I would expect to see the binary size double that of Mono, since IL2CPP produces a fat binary with the 32-bit slice and the 64-bit slice.