IL2Cpp Security Advice

I have a soft question here.

There are some elements of my game that need to be hidden from end users. I am aware that you can open and read the code of dlls easily, thus obfuscation and retrieving values from servers.

My question is: Is IL2Cpp more secure in this regard? It looks like it compiles it to native binary. Can end-users still inspect this easily and retrieve string values and such? Are security concerns the same as with Mono? Thanks in advance.

IL2CPP basically converts the .NET Intermediate Language into C++ code which can then be compiled for a specific platform (such as Android, WebGL, etc.).

String values are, of course, going to be present and in order to be able to encrypt that type of data, there will need to be obfuscation done at build time, usually coupled some other load or run-time decryption.

While I have not tried them, there are Obfuscator and Obfuscator Pro available on the Asset Store that claims to be able to protect this type of data.