il2cpp type casting issue

Hi there, i need some help

i have developed mobile game on unity 4.6.7

when building entire project, i had no problem on unity 4.6.7 (building target is 64bit iOS Machine)

by the way, i encountered some problem on unity 4.7.0

i should upgrade my unity version into 4.7.0 because project size be increased, contents need to be updated in everyday

belowing is error message :

IL2CPP error for method ‘System.Void SM_trailFade::Main()’ in assembly ‘/Users/build/Documents/RC1/unity/Temp/StagingArea/Data/Managed/Assembly-CSharp.dll’
Additional information: Build a development build for more information. Value of type ‘int’ is too large to convert to ushort.

SM_trailFade::Main() is written to javascript. but error message of casting type indicate that intermediate language be created of it.

as i know, there is no intermediate language in javascript.

i guess that javascript source code turn into c# and c# code be translated into intermediate language.

but i can’t make sure and i don’t know how to solve this problem

please, if you know the solution, help me ~ : )

This is certainly a bug in Unity. IL2CPP should not fail to convert your code to C++ like this. Can you submit a bug report and include the project that causes this to happen? We would love to correct it.