im 100% new to this

i just started trying this out for the first time and i have no prior experience. I want to learn and eventually try to make mobile games. any tips and tricks would be awesome thanks.

Since this your first time there are so many different areas you could be asking for help for!
What do you think you specifically need? If you give some more narrowed down questions I can try and help you out with it
Game Design?
Using Unity?
Good Unity Practices?
the list goes on :)

One thing I will say that will most definitely apply. Keep it simple. Make sure you goal for your first game (that is if you plan on finishing it rather than creating it as practice) is a very simple game, and by simple I'm not talking Super Mario Bros I'm talking arcade style. Now yes you can polish it and make it fancy but it needs to be simple at core. Take your simple idea, and get rid of EVERYTHING that is isn't absolutely needed to make it testable. Get that core finished and running. Now you can see if your idea for a game works. If it doesn't then you may want to start over. If it could with some work then you can easily start tweaking it to see what wrong, because there is so little to go wrong ;). If it does, then great! Now you can start adding back in all that other stuff you wanted, piece by piece. But make sure you prioritise your development towards what makes a fun playable finished product, as I am assuming you are a single developer. If you are done and have the time, then you can add in all the fancy stuff if you wish

Hope that got some thoughts started up in your mind

Any more questions just ask! :)

The learn section is also great for starting out.

And for experienced users from time to time too :)