Im a beginner of Soomla, I have a lot of question:what to do next after creating my counter part of the MuffinRushAssets.cs?

hello I have downloaded your plug-in ive watch the soomla tutorials but I feel its not enough. what do I do now when I created my own script (counter part of MuffinRushAssets.cs)
I have a lot of question since I am a beginner, I hope you understand my circumstances.
p.s this has been asked in soomla.answer

*do I put the script in the soomla folder?(where MuffinRushAssets.cs is located.)

*do I put the script in the heirarchy? or does is still work without putting it on a game obect or anything.

*will my script work?

*i copied the “namespace Soomla.Store.Example” on my script since errors wont show. am i correct?

*Ive watch the video and this script that she told "SoomlaStore.Initialize(new MuffinRushAssets());', I copied that and use that as “SoomlaStore.Initialize(new ParkourAssets());” (ParkourAssets.cs being the MuffinRushAssets.cs counterpart) but I cant seem to make it work, It has errors, I presume its called in a start function of the game right? do I need to use the namespace? if so (I did use it and now it has no erros)Do i need to use all the scripts in my game with namespace?

*how do i call the buy function when I clicked my button? the tutorial didnt say anything about what script to use when you press the buy button.

this is the questions that I can think of for now. I still have more questions to come. I know I am being to much of a bother and I am very sorry, Thank you and God Bless.

Please post this in You will get much quicker responses.