I'm attempting to make an array of Gameobjects with javascript but when I want to transform an object in the array, I get an error


I’m following along in the tutorials of a book called “Holistic Game Development with unity” by Penny de Byl and I’m using the latest version of Unity (4.0) and I’m having an issue with an example used.

So I basically just want to create a 2D array of cube’s that I’ve made in javascript but the console tells me that I’m getting an error BCE0019 ‘Transform is not a member of Object’ but I’m certain that I’ve had each place in memory of the array is being instantiated in the array before I attempt at transforming it.

any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

      #pragma strict
        private	var aP:Array = new Array(9);
        function Start () {
        	var maxRow: int = 9;
        	var maxCol: int = 9;

//Code snippet of what I want      	
        	/*for(var row:int = 0; row < maxRow; row++)
        		aP[row] = GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Cube);
        		aP[row].transform.position.y = col * 2;
        		for(var col:int = 0; col < maxCol; col++)
        			aP[col].transform.position.x = col * 2;

// code that I tried to get the minimum expectation to work
        	for (var i:int = 0; i < maxRow; i++)
        		aP *= GameObject.CreatePrimitive(PrimitiveType.Cube);*

aP_.transform.position.y = i * 2; _
* } *

function Update () {


Avoid Js array.

This private var aP:Array = new Array(9); is a js Array and is deprecated.
Instead use:

var aP  = new GameObject[9];

That will probably fix your issue.

Js array requires constant cast as they store object to fit in any type creating this kind of issue where you have an object and transform belongs to GameObject.