Im following a brackeys tutorial (Multiplayer FPS) and its not letting me multiply at a part of the code that he was able to multiply

I’m trying to setup the one point it’s needed to multiply vector3.up * _thrustforce but it says that’s not allowed to be multiplied. Please help

Also here is my code and the area with the arrows is the specific area that isnt working

private float speed = 5f;
private float lookSensitivity = 3f;

private float _thrusterForce = 1000f;

private PlayerMotor motor;

void Start()
    motor = GetComponent<PlayerMotor>();

void Update()
    float xMov = Input.GetAxisRaw("Horizontal");
    float zMov = Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical");

    Vector3 movHorizontal = transform.right * xMov;
    Vector3 movVertical = transform.forward * zMov;

    Vector3 _velocity = (movHorizontal + movVertical).normalized * speed;


    //Turning left and right
    float yRot = Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X");

    Vector3 _rotation = new Vector3(0f, yRot, 0f) * lookSensitivity;

    //Applying Rotation

    //Turning up and down
    float xRot = Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y");

    Vector3 _cameraRotation = new Vector3(xRot, 0f, 0f) * lookSensitivity;

    //Applying Rotation

    //Calculate the thrusterforce based on input
    Vector3 _thrusterForce =;
    if (Input.GetButton ("Jump"))
        >>>>>_thrusterForce = Vector3.up * _thrusterForce;<<<<<<

    //Apply Thrust



You define _thrusterForce as a float class variable. However, you also define _thrusterForce as a Vector3 local variable inside Update() (line 45).
Since the ‘*’ multiplication operator for Vector3 multiplies a vector3 by a number, you are in fact multiplying 2 vector3’s together, which is not allowed.
I think you should probably change the name of the local variable at line 45 to, say _thrusterForceVector, and use _thrusterForceVector = Vector3.up * _thrusterForce;