I'm having a little problem with the images sizes

Hi everybody. I made an image of a background and the final file has 156K, but when I import it to Unity, it becomes a 10.7MB size file. Can someone help me on solving this issue? Thank you all.

A little bit of googling should’ve gotten you your answer much quicker…

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The size you are seeing in Unity is the actual memory it takes to represent the amount of pixels in your image with the color depth / compression you have chosen for the image. If you don’t use compression, that’s how much video memory the image will use no matter what the file format and size are.

Your image in the file system is probably a png or a jpg or such. GPU’s can’t use those formats directly so Unity won’t put the image in the build in those formats.

Sure it could use those formats but then the images would anyways have to be decoded from your format to something your hardware supports when you run the game and this could take a long while (for example on a mobile CPU). Not to even mention what would happen if you’d want to re-compress your images to a hardware supported compressed type after that. For example PVRTC compressing a single atlas can take a good minute even on a PC.

Also remember that the APKs and iOS builds you make have a compression of their own so that 10Mb most likely wont show in your build size as 10Mb.