I'm just not getting how to use the Android SDK

So now that we have mobile platforming for free, I decided I’m going to make some android apps. Now I am just lost here.

Am I suppose to go here, download the zip, and unzip it somewhere like in Program Files? Is that it? Because when I tried to build my game, it asked to find the root folder and it asked for this “android-sdk-windows” folder instead of what I got, which says “adt-bundle-windows-x86_64-20130522”. Then I was looking up elsewhere and it said something about “Android/Tools/android-sdk-windows”. Where is that?! Why don’t I have that path? Where is everything? I tried using that unity tutorial and it’s not helping. I’m lost. Can someone please make a personal tutorial for me? I’m new to all this S-D-K stuff.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install latest JDK.
  2. Download and unzip latest Android SDK (adt bundle) anywhere on your computer.
  3. Open Unity>>preferences>>external tools. Set the android path here as locationOfUnzippedADT/SDK/ (folder which contains sub-folders like platform-tools and build-tools etc.)
  4. Build your project.
  5. enjoy.

Note: If you get Platform not found error while building the project, one dirty trick is to copy all files from build-tools in SDK to Platform-tools in same SDK folder. Works like a charm. But do this only in case you get error. :slight_smile: