Im looking for pro developers to complete my project with me. what i need to do?

Hello ,
Im about to complete my project and i want serious developer with unity 5 to help me to compelete my project, If you know the best place to find a pro scripter use C# or JavaScript please tell me, I want to complete my project fast . If you are professional scripter with c# or JavaScript and you looking for a job you can Contact me on my Gmail , And when we complete the project we publish him i get paid I’ll give you your cut . (I Accept only males no females, And I accept a serious one really want work)
Im sorry because that’s not a question but , I need a help .
Thanks .

You should head over to the Unity forum as Unity Answers is not for recruiting. Unity Answers is for concrete technical questions about Unity that can be answered.

If your project is already in the middle, you may create a thread in the Works in progress forum. However read the rules of that subforum before posting there.

If you don’t have much yet or you don’t want to share your progress on a frequent basis you should use the general discussion forum