I'm making a 3rd person MMO. I'm a beginner to scripting and Unity. Where do I begin?

I’m making a 3rd person MMO. It’s a more fantasy-based game. I’m working on a $0 budget. I don’t want to spend any money. Where do I get free models from? What is the best way to make my own models? How do I make my own models? I need to know all the basics. I tried on my own knowing little to nothing. I can’t even get the camera to follow my model. Where do I begin? Is there a good tutorial for Unity 4.0.1?

Not with a fantasy MMO, that’s for damn sure…

Start with, like, Pong.

Forget about the models for now. You can learn by reading the scripting reference. Also, practice makes perfect so don’t feel bad if you can’t move a the camera with the player. It’s not something a beginner would know how to do. You should attend one of these:
Go there and check back often because classes are posted frequently. It also helps if you know a programming language. If not, I don’t suggest that you start 3D Game development right now. Go to this site to learn about programming languages:

I strongly recommend watching the C++ language tutorials. C++ is an amazing language and it is also very easy. If you already know a programming language, you can watch the tutorial series on YouTube by the TornadoTwins. Here is the link:

They are the world’s best online tutorials (I’m now just sayin the really are). Just scour the internet and I know you will find something good for yourself to learn from but if you don’t have any programming experience, then I strongly strongly recommend learning C++.
If you ever have the money, you should also buy this book:

Also, if you need some models, go to this website:

They have a lot of free models to download. Make sure they are either blender or 3ds max model types so that unity can easily convert them into Unity. I also have a programming team. I can’t say much but if you want to join/learn programming, then email me:

Hint: Once you get good in programming, you can download 3Ds Max 2013 for free if you are a student. It is a modeling software that is really useful. You can also check out Blender for free (Unity also supports blender models!). If you have any other questions or would like to know more about my team, please e-mail. Thanks and good luck!!

there are several unity tutorial movies on youtube… im also a beginner but these vids help alot just type in youtube unity tutorials and alot of help is there in the vids

Thank you all for replying. I use this tutorial on youtube by TurnGameOn. They are really good tutorials and new ones are uploaded daily. TornadoTwins is useful but it is very outdated now. The book is for unity 3. You are right actually. I’m not making a 3d MMO right away. I thought I should make a beginner 2d scroller game. Then, I’d make an iPhone puzzle game. I’d also make a 3d RPG. Finally, I’d make a 3rd person MMO. Thank you all for replying.