I'm making a game based on a retro console. Any tips or tricks?

I’m making a game that I want to look and feel like a Super Nintendo (SNES) game. I want to make as many similarities to the console as possible. Any tips or tricks on this?

I’m actually making a retro game too - Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link and I’m about halfway through. With that said, I overcame some major obstacles that I would be more than happy to share. Everything including collision detection that both prevents the characters from going through walls but also allowing the characters to go through each other to register a hit (a common feature in the old school games). Basically, implementing an OnTrigger and OnCollision at the same time.

First of all, is it a single plane side scroller, a Konami (TMNT/Simpsons) multi plane scroller, RPG, etc?