Im making a menu and i dont know how to get the button to go to the next scene anyone know?

also include what type of script (e.g java-script, c# …)

See LoadScene, put it into the click function for a button. For future reference don’t demand anyone provide you with anything. We are here to help, not serve.

Using UnityEngine.SceneManagement;

public class UILoadScene: MonoBehaviour {

public Void LoadScene(string sceneName)

then click On your button in the Hierarchy and scroll all the way down in the inspector
it the onclick section press the + button drag the object with this script on it in to the object slot.

in the dropdown that say’s no function click on that go down to UILoadScene and click the loadscene button.
then in the typing slot type the name of the scene you want to load.

P.S you will need to add the scene you want to load to the Build Settings
File > BuildSettings > Add Open Scene.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: