I'm making a top down game. Where should the camera point?

I’m making a top down game. That is, a game with a birds eye view of the action. And, if you fall down a pit in my game, you fall further away from the camera. I want to save myself some headache in the future so I’d like to know where I should place the camera and the axes of the ground.

My first thought was to make it so that gravity is (0,0,20) and the ground is a plane along the X & Y axis. But, when it came to the 2D platformer tutorial, gravity was (0,-20,0) I think. I have a feeling most physics equations consider the Y axis to be the force of gravity.

Will I save myself a lot of headache if I keep gravity the way it was and simply move my camera to look down the Y axis at a plane along the X & Z axis?

The Y axis is the axis that points up, so it makes sense to make a 2D game where you look at the Y axis from the side, as in, using the standard rotation of the camera in Unity, just to make everything easier for yourself if you at some point in the development process, decide to make some physics elements in the game as well :slight_smile:

Yes, your camera should look -Y in this case.