I'm trying to create a game that allows a cross platform networking(android and windows or vice versa) Is it possible to do so with unity?

Trying to create a game that can create a network between two different platforms(android to windows or vice versa)

Yes, it is quite possible to do this. However, you must work outside of platform-specific services like GameCenter. You would probably need to maintain external servers with external databases with your users’ data on them - it can be quite expensive to maintain servers like that.

For such a cross-platform game, you’d need to have some sort of account system, maybe a matchmaking system, and any game logic on your servers. You’d need to persist some player data on your databases between play sessions. Unity is very cross-platform; if you buy the licenses, you can publish your game on Android, iOS, NaCl, etc.

For server stuff, you might want to check out player.io (or a similar service), which is a platform that manages servers for you and provides many features that you can use in your game, but probably don’t want to spend time programming yourself :P.