Im trying to make a inventory hud bar

Hey guys i am trying to make a bar like the one in minecraft where you select which item you want to use. However i dont know how to do it. I have sprites for the slots and a sprite for selecting the box. i have made it so that you can drag and drop items into it. Here is a list of what i need to happen 1. Show the selected this box sprite 2. Set a Boolean value to true when it is selected or false when its deselected 3. scroll between items

Pls help me make this inventory. I am new to coding by the way. (Can it be in c# pls)

I used this tutorial (Inventory System Tutorial in Unity 5 - PART 1 - YouTube) to make the drag and droop all i did was add a separate bar down the bottom

Thx Textermer

I have solutions for some of your problems.
For scrolling through hotbed u will need to use the variable

Private var d >0

Then u will have to make ur scroll wheel an input

Under update have if input.axis(ScrollWheel)
{var d + 1}
Then make the negative version of this.(Note I’m on a phoen and do not have a script so u will have to experiment a bit).

THE ADD UnityEngine.UI at the top
U will need to indentify your overlay slot sprites(These will have to be an UI Image

Set all to false using (name of Sprite).enabled =false;

Then ur or every slot create a if statement that says if var d is equal to a value then one slot is enabled and the rest are not. Then add to more saying if var is equal to one more then ur last spot var equals 1. When the var equals 0 set it to ur last slot number. This is how u make the scrolling effect let me know if u can get it to work