I'm trying to teleport an object. But keep failing.

So I am really newbie at unity at the moment and I do believe this script would work if it wasn’t written by me. I am trying to teleport my First person controller to x=10 y=3 z=-8.
I have three errors that conclude of:

< ‘;’ expected. Insert a semicolon. (when there is one)>

My script:

#pragma strict

function OnTriggerEnter (info : Collider){

	if (info.tag == "Player"){
		transform.position=10, 3, -8;

I understand that this error is just because I do not know how to JavaScript yet. Any help would be greatly appreciated

You forgot the bracelets. And Vector3 This is the finished code:

 transform.position= Vector3 (10, 3, -8);

In the future. You can check Unity’s Scripting API. See this one for transform.position


i think it’s because teleport haven’t invented yet… :smiley:

beside that, the code you might need is:

transform.position= new Vector3 (10, 3, -8);