I'm wondering with if function working

Hi! I have question with if function, about is condition
if I have 2 variable
var A: float;
var B:int;

and I make if(A>B) or if(B>A)
if this function work?
if if-function can compare with 2 different type of variable(int-float)

You can do it two ways:

1)You can turn the float into an int using a cast. This is less accurate, but if you only care about the whole values in the float then the automatic truncation caused by the cast is fine.

2)You can turn the int into a float using a cast. This is the more accurate version, however my knowledge of floats means that (float)2 might actually end up something like 2.0000000002, and could potentially change your results depending on how many decimal places we are talking about.

In either case, you would do something like this:

  1. if((int)(A) > B)

  2. if((float)(B) > A)

Basically, by placing the primitive type in the front of the variable name, it says, “Treat this like (type) for now.” You can do int division/multiplication the same way. For example, (int)(double a / double b). This would truncate (remove) the decimal places of the result, so if a = 1 and b = 3, the end result would be 0, because 1 / 3 = 0.33(repeating), and the .3333 is truncated resulting in 0. There is no rounding in truncation, so even if it was 0.99999999(repeating), the (int) cast of that would still be 0.

you need to cast to make it work.