Image animation is not smooth

Hello, everyone! I am trying to animate an intro scene to a game, where I would move, scale etc. different static images. I’m doing it with Unity 5.5.2p4 animator (We can’t upgrade to newer version).

The problem is that I get strange jittering, that seems to be somehow connected to pixel recalculations. I tried setting super-high sampling in animation, editing curves, tried to set image “pixels per unit” to 0.01 - nothing seems to fix this. Is what I am trying to do even achievable, or should I instead use a video pre-made in a different software?

Here’s a video with the problem, notice how images jitter a lil’ bit: Monosnap (also there is Skype sound recorded, don’t get confused with it :))

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Ok, so I figured it out, and what was causing it was “Pixel perfect” option turned on on Canvas. After turning it off, animation became smooth.

While researching, found this interesting topic: c# - Getting "giggly" effect when slowly moving a sprite - Stack Overflow - this might help anyone who stumbles on this question, but his issue isn’t “pixel perfect” canvas.

Eh, this doesn’t occur in the newest Unity 2017