Image becomes distorted when running on IOS

I’m making a game that runs on Android and IOS. For handling resolutions, I’ve made all my GUI to calculate its size based on the Screen size. For example; instead of setting a button’s size to “width = 200f and height = 100f”, I used “width = Screen.width * 0.2f and height = Screen.height * 0.1f”. And in the buttons I display Image rather than Text.

Now, when running on Android, everything is fine, I tested the game in the editor (sets the platform to Android) and on multiple Android phones and the images looks fine. However when I run the game on IOS (editor and iPad) the images in the buttons become distorted as in they got that squished.

Here are 2 images that shows the difference:


On Android:

I think this might be due to how the image is being scaled. As in the bigger the difference between the original size and the scaled size, the more distorted the image will be. I’ve tried reducing the image’s size to test this idea, and it does seems to have effects. However, if this is the case, then how come I do not have any problem when running on Android? Does IOS required some additional stuff for the images? Or is this a whole different problem?

Okay, so I’ve found a possible way to fix this. I went to the images import settings in Unity and check the “Override for iPhone” and set the Format to 16 bits. The image now display the same way as it did on Android. I’m not sure if this will have any effect on performance yet, but at least it looks better now. Feels like an idiot for spending 2 days on this…

I guess Unity just handles the images differently when it comes to IOS?

I am a new developer and I’m struggling with this issue as well. I see that this answer is several years old, but I’m hoping to seek help in resolving my problem.

When I import images into Unity, I first change the images Texture Type to “Sprite (2D and UI)”, followed by the Pivot to “Top Left” and apply. I then modify the iOS to “Override for iPhone” and format to 16 bits and apply.

When I export for Android, the images are perfect. When I export for iOS, the images squish toward the lower left corner, both short and fat.

I’m using Unity 5.3.1f Personal Edition, and Xcode 7.3.1 on Mac iOS El Capitan.

The reason I am using this version of Unity is to work with Vuforia’s motion tracking capabilities, which are not yet compatible with newer versions of Unity - to my knowledge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! My images are being used to show a video is loading, and then replaced with a Play Button image. Each are squished.