Image cracks seem to occur only on Android mobile devices

Hello. First of all, I would like to inform you that I used a translator to construct the sentences. Please understand if there are any expressions that are not appropriate.

Image cracks seem to occur only on Android mobile devices.
The image is displayed clearly in the Editor or iOS-and-tvOS.

clean, normal image

bug image

To simulate this situation, install the app as an APK on an Android device, adjust the brightness to dark in Android’s hibernation mode, and then brighten again, resulting in a situation where the UI appears distorted as shown in the picture above.
The images above the ui are the ui particle system. I am using

Below the ui particle, you can see “Korean,” which is a native language. My guess is that it is related to the quality of the mobile target OS, image compression, and android game mode, but the quality was the same even when we set the quality to the highest quality, and we tried it without compressing all images and did image culling. Since it seemed related, I also turned off the culling option in the UI canvas. Also, I thought it was a UI redraw issue, so I force refreshed the canvas every time the application focused, but it did not completely resolve the problem.

As a programmer, it’s true that I should take the time to solve the problem, but I couldn’t find the cause even after searching on Google during 2 weeks, so I create a question. I would like to ask the opinion of anyone who has had a similar experience.

I used URP, all images are on UGUI Canvas, and I am using Unity-2021-3-LTS (2021.3.14).

What should I try more?

Even the smallest comments are okay. Is there anything else I can try? People of all about the world, please help!

It wasn’t a problem with Unity or Android. I did not follow the github shader restrictions mentioned above.

Shader Limitation

  • UIParticle does not support all built-in shaders except for UI/Default.
  • Most cases can be solved by using UI/Additive or UI/Default.

Thank you to Andrew Lukasik for editing the article to make it look good, and to everyone who read it. Solved!