Image disappears, tris disappear, on large scale ?!

Here’s an interesting thing,

I have a game object TEST, with simply an image on a plane (one of the default Unity planes), about the size of the screen. It is selflit-diffuse, but that doesn’t seem to matter. it is an orthographic camera.

I am making the image bigger or smaller, simply by adjusting the localScale of TEST.

I’ve found that as it gets quite large, about 3x, the image partially disappears, this applies both in the Game screen, and, when you build to an iPad.

It just sort of stops drawing the tris (FWIW, at the “bottom right” of the image, I’ve only seen it happen there., at the “bottom right” of the texture)

So the image looks normal in the editor …

but in the game window - or indeed when built to an actual iPad - you see this

The image partially disappears! …

Look carefully at the tris shown in the upper Editor image. Notice where the problem is in the game window/iPad …

in fact you can see the missing area matches tris precisely.

The dark blue is just the camera bg default.

Now, I did also try this with just a 2-tri plane (instead of Unity’s default plane) - same result!

interestingly if you get bigger, bigger, bigger then say at about 3x, the “missing tris” effect happens (as in the second image here). However if you back up and get smaller smaller, it does not “come good” again, it sticks with the blueness.

Has anyone seen anything like this? What could be happening here?

I am damned if I can find a workaround. Thanks!

How far away is the camera? Have you tried adjusting the clipping planes? Ive seen similar issues due to this…