Image generic resizing

Hello, I work on a menu bar that uses large images to create thumbnails.
The worries, basic, miniature is stretched to get the size of the thumbnail (which is square).
I managed to edit the dimensions in order to restore the correct proportions, but now it is (just) the edges of the miniature are stretched to fill the void around.
An idea? :]

No idea for the reason of this bug?

The code is scattered throughout the apply, I can show you the two things that happen to obtain (repeatMode /// clampMode):

alt text

Maybe I misunderstood the question, but you don’t need unity features to work with pictures.

In c# there’s Bitmap class to deal with images.
You need to learn proportions of image
(something like) and then scale it.

The current concern is not in the resizing, but in the placing of small images in fixed-size icons.
So, whenever the width or height is less than that of the icon and what happens is that the image is stretched to fill.

ps: thx for u help :]