Image Processing in Unity3D through C#.NET

If a Unity3D application is developed using the C# programming language, is it possible to perform an Image Processing tasks using .NET functions?

Are there any such methods in .NET that would, for example, do image binarization or segmentation?

I am trying to “avoid” importing/integrating OpenCV into my Unity3D app, but I do need to do some image processing before I pass on a captured Rect image to OCR for character recognition, so I wonder if there are any C# functions that could help?

Possibly, yes. You’d need to look elsewhere to find the specific library, as this site is Unity-only, but you should be able to use any C# DLL in Unity. However, if that DLL uses functionality specific to Windows, which the one you’re describing might, then Unity will only be able to build it for the Windows platform and will fail to build your project on any others.

Typically, when I want to import functionality, I try to find an open-source algorithm and, rather that importing the DLL, I take the parts of the code I need and adapt/translate them to fit my project. That way you’re familiar with what they do and can fix compatibility issues yourself much easier.