Image resize/compression on build

Hello people from Unity Answers,

Today I was about to finish the first working version of a 2D platformer I’ve been working on. The thing is, I drew all the asstes on my iPad at max res, so mostly all the images in my game are 1536*2048 and they have a size between 300kb and 10mb.

Now, when I build my game (which is 10 minutes of gameplay at max), my game’s size is more than 700mb.

Is there a way to resize or compress all the images of the game to reduce the size of the game?


I will share my experience in image optimization … At first, I had to manually compress all the pictures through Photoshop. The most free option by the way (except for the cost of a license for Photoshop). But this process takes a lot of time if there are more than 10-20 pictures on the site. After all, each picture must be manually processed, and then upload on the site again. Tedious such a process … Now I use this service - It saves a lot of time) It works by itself - automatically - only 1 time it needs to be connected to the site. Google is satisfied)