Image Sequence in unity without using .gifs for a crowd

Hey there,
I’m making a racing game for my University project. Everything is going well, but i heard you can’t input gifs into Unity? I want to make one of those old crowd simulations. For example :How To Get In The Crowd (Smackdown vs Raw 2011) - YouTube

You can see the back rows are around 5 images put together. I already have the images done, but is there a way to put it in my game? Any starting help would be appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi, you could simply put these images together in an “atlas” like texture, and scroll your UVs, so if you put the image on a plane, and scroll your texture, you will get the same behavior of a gif.

this is the basic concept, if you need more directions, just tell me, i have made this for a project, and i could give you more directions if you need.

Hey Augusto, Im trying to pretty much make a gif object in unity on a plane, Iv tried using the Textureswapanimator.js found in the wiki but for some reason it wont advance past the first frame. So I was wondering if you could elaborate on your UV concept, being new to unity im guessing you somehow apply multiple textures to an object and somehow write a code that will just switch between them quickly?

var frames : Texture2D[];
var framesPerSecond = 10.0;

function Update () {
	var index : int = Time.time * framesPerSecond;
		index = index % frames.Length;
			renderer.material.mainTexture = frames[index];