Image that is instantiated through GameObject.Instatiate does not render

So, I’m not sure what I am doing wrong, but I am currently instantiating a prefab using the following code:

GameObject counter = GameObject.Instantiate((GameObject)Resources.Load("Path/To/File"));

I can see the object getting instantiated in the inspector. But what’s weird that it is not visible. The gameobject is instantiated correctly, and does not crash because it could not find the file. While the game is running, I checked the inspector and the Image component is enabled. I even added a line of code that enables it to true by accessing the Image Component of the ‘counter’ game object.

Whats even more weird is, I have this prefab in a prefabs folder. If I click and drag this prefab, and into the Hierarchy tab, the image is VISIBLE!! I have no idea what the hell would be causing it.

You need to add a

as GameObject; 

before your semicolon, to cast it as a GO.

Also, I think you can just write Instantiate((…

No need to write GameObject.Instantiate