Image to 3D level

I was wondering if i would be able to take a image into unity like a height map and instead using each individual pixel based on color to spawn a 3D prefab in scene in the editor. no run time needed.
I remember seeing a tutorial about it and I can not seem to find anything due to the new tilemaps in 2D taking all the google searches.
Thanks: James

Hello @jimjames, Just some tips here not real answer, To instanstiate a level based on texture just loop for each pixels using

Color c = myText.GetPixel(x,y)

and then spawning something depending of the color.

To make it editor only just put “[ExecuteAlways]” just before your class and then make a custom editor like this

public class MyEditor : Editor

    MyScript comp;

    public void OnEnable()
        comp = (MyScript)target;

    public override void OnInspectorGUI()
        bool GenerateWorld =  GUILayout.Button("Generate World");
        if (GenerateWorld)

If you want to build an real world (terrain like) with an heightmap i suggest you to search at “Mesh from heighmap”.

If you want an more precise answer please provide more information about what you trying to do :slight_smile:

I hope that will help you,