Image turns pixelated in game view

I have a 5120x2880px300dpi image imported in unity asset. I created an Object Image under Canvas/Panel. In scene view, my image is nice and crisp even when i zoom it. But when i entered game view, image has pixelated edges even the scale is 1x and much worst when i zoom it. I am very new in unity. Please help me. Thanks

This is my sample sketch drawn in Clip Studio Paint with a canvas size of 5120x2880px300dpi and save as a png. Is there a way that i could get the same resolution in the scene view to the game view. I am totally new to game development. Thank you very much.

Try going on the imported image in your project view and changing the texture type to something else, its been a while since I faced this issue so I cant remember the exact solution but give it a shot bud