Implement Azure Active Directory Authentication into android/ios project.

hi all, I`m trying to implement the Azure Active Directory Authentication into my project. I have found the Azure plugin which is from github : GitHub - bitrave/azure-mobile-services-for-unity3d: A suite of Azure Mobile Services plugins for Unity3D, cross platform with common interfaces, with examples
and also watch the tutorial video :

But the tutorial is using the facebook to authenticate. I want to using the Active Directory to Authenticate but I cant find any tutorial about the active directory. Anyone have try the Azure AD before? Can give me some idea how to implement the Azure AD in unity3d project?

Thank You

@ZynGie, I’m looking for the same thing here and can’t seem to find any specific implementations for Unity3d.
Did you manage to implement this yet?

I am considering to redirect the user to a web page using the device’s default browser.
Then communicate the authentication token back to the application.

Did anyone find the solution for Active Directory integration to Unity?

Has anyone finally found a solution for Azure AD authentication in Unity?