Implementing an Item system - Defining Items

So i’m just not entirely sure how I should go about doing this.

Right now I have an Item class, and then I have a weapon class, armour class etc which all inherit from Item.

I just don’t know how I define all the items in my game. For example, If i want 3 weapons, one called “Bronze Sword” one “Rusty sword” and one “Steel sword” how do I define them as a Weapon (using the weapon class) And set all they’re properties? Should I make a separate script for each one? Or a separate prefab? I don’t know how I should go about doing this…

Any suggestions?


Hey there, I’ve recently started doing research on this same topic. I think the best answer that came up so far was this:

I believe the “hardcoded” example would be easiest but most time consuming. It has spurred me to look in to a database style system where I could maybe export an XML file from an excel sheet.