Implementing Animations Using @ format

Hey, I’m a green animator/programmer and I have been put in charge of adding animations to a main character for a class project. We have everything set up in Maya so that we have a base mesh and several animation meshes name this way: mesh@animationName, which we were told would be automatically referenced by the base.

Unfortunately, the person who helped up set it up this way doesn’t know how to implement it in Unity. I’ve looked through a lot of the Unity tutorials here and I’ve also been poring over the docs through Unitron, but I haven’t yet found anything useful about using the @ format.

Two minor notes on things I’ve heard: the base mesh is supposed to be able to reference the animation files automatically right? Is any animation baking needed?

If anyone is willing to give help, could you please point me to a scripting reference or tutorial for implementing animations specifically in this way?

Thank you all very much for reading.

I think you’re looking for this, though I have not used it myself. I believe I saw it used in the character customization example too.

Thanks very much. I’ll try that way of referencing the clips in the code. If it’s really that simple, I’m going to be kicking myself, but I couldn’t have done it without your help.