Implementing mixamo animations into unity

So i have this exported blener model with blender animations exported to a .fbx. I uploaded it to mixamo and the animations worked great, but when i imported it into unity sure the mixamo animation works but not the other older animations. And sure i can find new ones at mixamo but when i select a mixamo animation packade it downloads as different models? Any help is welcome!

Are the old animations even in the .FBX file after Mixamo does it’s thing? I don’t think they would be, I could be mistaken. I’m pretty sure all of the animations you made or had in blender will be stripped once you download the Mixamo file, even if the old ones played after you uploaded them. But you should check in the drop down box of the model’s animation import, in unity inspector, to see if they are still there but just not attached to Clips with the model.

As long as the armature doesn’t change you can merge the new Mixamo file’s actions back into the blender file then export the FBX from blender if you wish to have only one FBX file that contains all of your animations. Otherwise, you could duplicate your animations and keep them as separate assets in a project folder, away from the FBX file and have a standalone FBX file with just the armature and geometry, no actions.

Pro tip: IF your animation names get exported with the “|” character in them, you’ll have to rename them in unity in the model’s import inspector to not have that character, unity can’t duplicate assets when they have certain special characters in them that conflict with the OS’s file system naming conventions.