Implosion particle system

Hi, how do i make a black hole effect with the new particle system? I want to spawn particles at the outer perimeter and each of those particles move towards the center. How can i achieve this, thanks.

not 100% sure how to do this but under the shape tab set the shape to sphere, the increase the radius to however much you want, then you can set it too emit from shell and from there just figure out how to make it emit too the centre.

hope this helps

just messed around and you can simple change the speed to something like -5 then under emission there is a small arrow next to the rate number, click it change it to curve, now at the bottom right you will see a straight red line, under the line there are other smaller icons with lines test these out to find waht right for you. you can also change the emission rate jsut too the left of the big line.

also for effect use color over lifetime to change it too a different color as it reaches the end of its life.

In Unity 2017 still, not all shapes have “Emit From” option. What I have used in the “Shape” tab is a circle. Then in the main tab set negative speed and a short lifetime of a particle. Think that is what you are looking for.