Import a new mesh and assign it to an armature

I think maybe this does the trick:

I am about to find out. Over time I tried many different ways, and it seemed, if I imported a new or edited mesh, I could not bring it into Unity and assign it to an existing armature / rig. I always had to reimport the whole thing (skinned mesh renderer and armature), which meant re-doing a whole bunch of stuff.

Furthermore, it is so messy having to say, import everything all at once that uses the armature in some way. Extras like capes or hair might want to use some of the leg bones or neck bones respectively. It seems that to do so, you eventually have to import the entirety of EVERYTHING that uses that skeleton beyond simple transform to bone parenting, so that would be the body, the hairs, capes, and dresses would all have to be pounded into one super package and all exported from 3d program to Unity at once.

I always thought there was a way, I just could not find how to do this seemingly simple, yet essential task if one is, say making add-on meshes, (in the linked case, they were making hair that needed to use armature information). But it appears that this homebrew script is the only answer, at least according to my internet search.

So, yes, I suppose people could eventually do an internet search, find this script, and get the job done, but this seems like an essential function for development, and should be packaged with Unity and part of the import package. Save us all the time of finding out the feature is not already in Unity.

Damn, that worked great. Thank you!