Import and launch a animation (with trigger)

Hi i have some problem with animation.
I m a beginner in unity and I’m little lost :s
I did a animation in 3Ds max, it’s the open of 2 sliding door (like a elevator)
I export my mesh and animation (FBX) and import in Unity.
I want my first personne controler launch the animation (open the door) with a key (like E)

I find this script: Door animation after press a key - Unity Answers from fireDude67 (sry I don’t know how to put a script here :s )

I put a box collider around my door (bigger than the door)and set “is trigger” i put the script on the box collider and put my animated door on “door game object” (that’s what he say) but when i come near my door (in the trigger)et press the key, nothing happen :s
What’s my mistake?
I just want launch the animation with a key when i m near my door

Thanks and sry for my bad english =s

Well, I use Blender, but I assume the same priciple applies…

Go to the model in the Unity editor, click on it, go to the rig and select “Legacy”, then edit the animations in the “Animations” tag.

yeah that’s work, thx a lot :wink: