Import Animation with custom Rig

Hello !

I’ve got questions about importing animations in Unity for special characters like dinosaurs animated with custom rig controllers in Max.

Although I exported only bones, Unity seems to import all the hierarchy, helpers, controllers spline objects and dummy…
This causing problems when importing animations only as separate fbx…

Here you can see my complete structure of animation.

How to simplify this ? What’s to best way to export/import animations ?
Is there some tips to follow when exporting a fbx? (Baking animation keys in bones before exporting? Hierarchy links?)

(I tried the same proccess in Unreal and it only import the selected bones… so it works fine)

When exporting from Max a common process I use is to create a selection set for all the content I want to export. Bones and skin basically.

When exporting - select this selection set, and instead of clicking only export, select the other option called “export selected”. This option will assure the only thing exported is the object you have selected.